Step by step guide for configuring the ARK 32bit Desktop client for RipaEx on a 32 bit Windows pc

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    If you should find yourself wondering why you get an error when trying to install the Ripa Desktop Client on your computer, the likely problem may be your pc or notebook is still running a 32 bit version of windows.
    As Ripaex is derived from Ark technology, it is possible to use the Ark wallet which was adapted to work on 32bit windows.
    This guide will show you how to install the Ark Desktop Client, and then after installation, we’ll configure it to the Ripa network.

    First download the 32bit installation file from here:
    32Bit Desktop Installer

    Run the downloaded exe file to start installation, and select YES to allow the app to make changes to your device and then click Install

    Once completed, check the box RUN ARKclient and then finish

    By default you will see the Ark main net, so to configure this wallet for RIPA, click on the settings icon in the top Right between the cloud and the network icon.

    From the drop down menu, select MANAGE NETWORKS option

    In the next window you should see the Ark network information, so click the NEW tab in the top right

    Insert RIPA by the name, and then add the seed server: and click next

    Now you should see the RipaEx network information, the Ripa Symbol. You might want to change to if you wish to use the link to the Ripa delegate Monitor.
    finish by clicking SAVE

    Finaly, click the Network icon in the top right and from the drop down menu select RIPA (XPX)

    There you have it, your 32bit desktop client is now fully functional with Ripa and you can continue with creating or importing your account.

    if you have any difficulties or need help, please send us an email at or come find me, @wazzy in the telegram or slack channels.![alt text]
    Thanks for reading, be sure to make your xpx work for you by voting one of our many pools which pay out awesome rewards. you can find more info on who to vote for here: RipaEx Delegate Proposal Forum

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