Bitsnapp delegate proposal - Token Sale suggestions and long-term collaboration

  • Greetings everyone, we are a small team of developers and crypto enthusiasts behind Bitsnapp, a portfolio tracker Android app with 25k+ downloads. We are building and adding to the current product through partnerships with promising projects in order to create a more comprehensive tool for the community.

    We are going to work our hardest to make sure that Bitsnapp earns its place in the ecosystem thanks to the benefits it offers to the users. And the best way to achieve this is to gradually strengthen the cooperation between us and Ripa, working together to deliver a practical, complete and accessible solution.

    We are a group of developers with a thorough understanding of server management. We also develop and implement in-app marketing strategies in order to promote projects within the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Having created Bitsnapp, we can contribute to the future development of Ripa, especially with regard to the aspects that concern mobile devices.
    We are prepared to make the competence gathered throughout our journey available to the Ripaex project in the interests of its success. And in doing so, in offering our resources and our dedication, we believe we'll be able to widen its scope.


    • Addition of a Pre-ICO phase + Revision of the bonus structure in the ICO:

      Taking into account the funds raised during the current pre-sale phase, we propose to add a new phase prior to the main public sale. This would give the team additional resources to implement a new strategy that will lead to a successful token sale. In turn, the newly added Pre-ICO will is to be promoted properly according to its terms.
      Turning to the bonus structure, we propose to reconsider the current schedule in order to prevent the depreciation of the token once the trading starts. The low amount of funds raised during the pre-sale gives us the opportunity to address the issue. With that being said, we still think that a well-thought incentive-driven scheme is a key aspect of any ICO campaign, but it must respect the appropriate boundaries.

      To give an example, the ICO phase could be split into 2 periods, the first of which will grant investors certain bonuses depending on the sum invested (e.g. >100€=5%, >250€=15%, >500€=20%, etc. ).

    • Airdrop for partner projects' token holders:

      Airdrop XPX tokens to those who hold certain cryptos, like ARK or other tokens that will be traded in the first Ripa Exchange instance opening. This is a great way to draw attention from specific groups of interest and expand the community in a constructive way.

    • Promoting Ripaex within Bitsnapp

      As we mentioned previously, our app not only serves as a great tool for the crypto community, but it also provides us with a powerful medium to promote interesting projects to the users. We are actively supporting Ripaex and we are committed to spreading the idea with all the means at our disposal.

    • Integration of the Ripa wallet in Bitsnapp

      Leading on from the previous point, we are going to add the integration of the Ripa wallet to Bitsnapp, which means that all Ripaex users will be able to track their portfolio by syncing their wallet directly in our app. Combining ease of use and functionality, we'll do our best to offer an useful tool to the community.

    Network Setup
    CPU Speed: One core of Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2680 v4 @ 2.40GHz
    RAM: 1 GB
    Location: New York
    Network Speed: 1Gbps

    Delegate name

    Bitsnapp is committed to support Ripa and is looking forward to an even greater collaboration between the two projects. Our proactive approach will lead us to act in the best interests of the community. We hope you'll give us your trust and backing to maximize our effort towards a greater adoption and a better environment.

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