90%, MULTI-MACHINE, SCALABLE POOL - deirh_pool (daily payouts!)

  • You've joined RipaEx, got your first XPX but is it not enough to start your own delegate. No problem! You can still receive a share of newly minted XPX (which is 192 per day / delegate) by voting for a pool of your choice. Allow me to introduce a no-hassle pool: deirh_pool.

    Why deirh_pool?

    • 90% of minted coins are redistributed between its voters daily. No need to wait to enjoy its rewards.
    • Hosted on Azure - full redundancy and scaling. More machines can be added anytime.
    • Rewards are scaling with size! Once we get enough votes to host more than one delegate, I'll prep a new one and we will forge twice the speed. And then one :slight_smile:
    • Full automation and transparency: rewards distributed by an autonomous script. You can sleep easy.

    What do you need to do:

    • Just one thing: cast a vote for deirh to join. You'll get your first payout next day automatically for as long you hold your votes.

    Payouts and bonus:

    • Every day, (192 XPX * 90% * number of delegates) will be paid to voters proportionally to their stake in the pool. That means for example if your stake is 20% of total votes, you'll get 192 * 0.9 * 0.2 = 34.54 daily, 241.92 weekly.
    • 947,024.40 XPX will be distributed to the 101 delegates in forging position by the end of July 2018. This means each delegate will be given around 9400 XPX. The more we have, the bigger share we get! And you'll get your share too!


    • @deirh on most major platforms: this forum, telegram, Twitter (@xdeirh). But feel free to ask questions right here.

  • Sounds good. Good luck.

  • @deirh hallo, i just have 95XPX. am i get sharing daily?

  • @deirh looks good
    I hope it can be increasing volume and community

  • @deirh
    sounds is good keep in touch with community

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