dated_pool proposal - 92% to voters

  • Introduction

    Hello there, my name is Eddie. You might have seen me around on Slack, Telegram, Discord and GitHub as dated. I have an BSc in Computer Science and have been using my skills since January to actively contribute to various DPOS projects, including RipaEx.

    Why a delegate?

    The reason for becoming a delegate is to provide voters with a fair profit share, and to help fund and maintain projects for RipaEx. It will also allow me to put more time towards improving RipaEx and its ecosystem, which will allow me to keep contributing to the various repositories.


    92% profit sharing
    8% to cover costs
    True block weight to prevent pool hopping
    Payouts every 250 forged blocks (if minimum payout reached)
    5 XPX minimum payout


    Feel free to ping me on Slack (@dated) for any questions you have or to chat in general, or follow me around on GitHub!

    Thanks for your support!

  • dated_pool has reached a forging position thanks to a very generous voter!

  • I can comfirm dated pay what he say.
    He help to develope the project. A good choice for voting,

  • You can check your running balances on

  • @dated

    Look very good. Well made.

  • dated_pool will continue to payout rewards for three more payments. when the delegate has forged 10000 blocks the node will be shut down and no more rewards will be forged and shared.

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