Delegate cactus1549pool - 90% shared with voters daily!

  • Introduction
    +++NOTE: Since the pool has reached enough votes to remain forging without my votes, I reduced the payout to 70% AND REMOVED all my votes. This means that, even thought I reduced the percentage, the total daily coins my voters will receive will be a slightly MORE because my weight is no more there+++

    Hi, my name is Federico and I run a delegate as cactus1549pool. I'm currently attending a computer science university in Italy. In my free time, I like coding and now I'm working on a Telegram tool for dpos. It is an useful tool which you can use to get information about your delegate or about your address, if you are an holder, like rednodes alerts, received payments notifications and much more.

    At the moment, It is available a version for Ripa that you can check here:

    I'm also currently forging in LWF with nearly a 100% productivity!

    My Proposal

    Name: cactus1549pool
    Sharing : 70%
    Payout Freq: Daily (every 107 blocks)
    True block weight to prevent pool hopping
    1 XPX minimum payout

    The remaining 30% will be used to pay and maintain both delegate and telegram bot servers.

    My Network Setup

    I host my delegate at DigitalOcean:

    CPU: 2 vCPU
    RAM: 4 GB
    SSD: 25 GB


    I'm really thankful to everyone that decide to trust me an vote for me!
    You can contact me on Telegram (@cactus_1549) for every problem.

  • First payment sent. Thanks for your votes!

  • Thank you for daily payments.

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