XPX token price predictions

  • What you guys think about xpx token price in next 1 year? I think it could be cross 1 dollars by the next year. What your thoughts about it?

  • What, may I ask, is the basis for your $1 prediction?

  • Price is determined by demand. Demand is created through need. So As long as there is need, there'll be buyers. First part was getting the blockchain functional and with all issues and trouble shooting dealt with. The first part is done and i can safely say, done exceptionally well. Apart from a few vulnerabilities in the ark code, Giovanni Silvestr really did a good job on putting together the Ripa Block chain. All weakness or stability issues will be addressed and solved with the update to Ark Core 2.0 which is coming soon. Then the Ripa Blockchain will be one of the most stable and quickest I ever worked with. I am active on a number of other blockchains and some are also Ark based. Watching them I realized just how stable our block chain is. We have had 0 down days, 0 issues with forks. Sure we've had nodes down but thats usually on the node owners.

    Coming back to price, Ripaex was never intending to launch a full 6 to 8 months before we have a working test platform ready to launch. So in reality, we based our summations and calculations on another 6 to 8 months of the development of the exchange, investment platforms, Referral Program, E-shop and much more. None of these things are in place to counter the drop in price when coin gets listed.

    So instead of creating the need and then launching, we launched without the need yet established. which is why the price is down so low. But thats an opportunity to get them cheap.

    1 usd used to be a fair prediction, but in todays crypto climate, it takes projects a long time to establish the need and value through action. So maybe once Ripaex has 4 owner operated exchanges acrosss its network, we might see over the dollar mark.

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