Delegate: Mrs DPoS - sharing 90%! + bonus ...

  • Hi investors and/or fellow delegates,

    Delegate Mrs DPoS has just a High sharing percentage!
    So if you want the best returns on your Ripa investment, please vote delegate mrsdpos.
    Automatic payments every week for balances greater than 1 XPX.

    Fellow delegates
    Having trouble to stay into forging position, me too!
    Let's join forces!!!
    If you vote for me, I will share the forged XPX among us with a high sharing percentage!
    So use your 1.249 XPX to vote for mrsdpos and get the best interest!

    My Proposal
    Forged RIPAs will be distributed as follow:

    • 90% to my voters
    • 10% for the pool maintenance costs

    Sharing the Bonus!!!
    Do you remember this:

    • early forgers bounty update
    • 947,024.40 XPX where forged by the genesis delegates in March and April 2018: 9,376.48 XPX will be redistributed by the 101 delegates in forging position by the end of July 2018*

    When in forging position I will share also the bonus among my voters (90% ==> so almost 8.500 will be split)!!

    Contact me in slack if you have questions: @mrsdpos

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