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  • Hello everyone - or should I say - hello, DPoS enthusiasts!
    Ripaex is still a very young project so I can be quite sure only those of us enthusiastic to try out something new are here right now, eager to see DPoS to succeed where proof-of-work seems to become an ever increasing burden to, well, gradually everything. Now we even have the environmentalists blaming Bitcoin to consume an unhealthy chunk of Earth's resources so we can only wonder what in-group comes next.

    But I digress. Let's leave PoW to the old schoolers. Let's prepare a future that is based on trust, not the amount of resources you can put together. I believe in DPoS and hope to pass that on to you. To that end I'd like to announce tiny_pool, a friendly community that hopes to ensure RipaEx to be a success and aims to support it with all the resources needed for a trustworthy, democratic network.

    A democratic network is based on votes of its members and that is what DPoS stands for. There are only 101 seats in our RipaEx parliament through which we can decide what direction should RipaEx take in order to turn its promise into reality. For that we'd like to humbly request your support. Support us and we'll in turn support you.

    Why support us, you ask? At the moment, it's reasonably easy to create a mining node even for you. But we're at the start of a journey - and we hope it's going to be a long one. The 101 seats are final and won't grow while the people interested in our technology will grow exponentially - or so we hope! It will be gradually harder to become one of the 101 ruling powers and soon, no single individual will be able to do so without the support of majority. We propose to start early.

    Instead of individually trying to fit into that 101 delegate seats (which will gradually become harder and close to impossible), let's join up together and share our powers! I promise to host as many forging machines as our combined voting power allows so we secure the maximum forging slots possible and distribute the newly minted coins back into the hands of all that participate. You do not want to play a lottery of hoping other people won't outvote you when you can automate it all given you have enough resources.

    What will you gain? Up to 80% minted coins (of what you'd mint yourself had you the delegate spot) will be given back. You'll also get a family and friends in the DPoS crypto world - common goals bond people together and I aim to build on that.

    What do we have to back our words?

    • Azure-hosted server in forging position (no need to wait) - deirh
    • Leftover Azure funds to create at least 5 more instantaneously
    • Technical aptitude to program/install automatic pool payout system
    • Technical aptitude to program node balancer that will spawn more nodes once we have enough votes for two or more
    • Understanding the security implications as I work in the antivirus industry

    What do you get:

    • 80% of what we forge (as long you join early - we value loyalty)
    • Influence in the RipaEx project
    • Friends to talk to (I work in the security industry)
    • 947,024.40 XPX will be distributed to the 101 delegates in forging position by the end of July 2018. This means each delegate will be given around 9400 XPX. The more we have, the bigger share we get!


    • Send a vote to delegate deirh and message @deirh for more info on any major platforms: this forum, telegram, Twitter (@xdeirh) for invitation into our slack channel (tinypool.slack.com). And watch the magic happen : )

  • Thanks for the support so far, just a little more and we can start another node! This will double the income for tiny_pool and double it for you, too! Join the family and bring your friends! Once we break 12K XPX, we can have two delegates and forge not 2, but 4 XPX a tick! :slight_smile:

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